You should get your friends frugal gifts, instead of expensive store-bought gifts. And here is why…!

You should get your friends frugal gifts, instead of expensive store-bought gifts. And here is why…!

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We’ve all been there before. You want to show your friends how much you care, so you spend hours scouring the mall for the perfect gift. But despite your best efforts, the gift just doesn’t hit the mark. It’s either too expensive and your friend can’t justify using it, or it’s so cheap that it feels thoughtless. So what’s the solution? The answer is simple: give your friends frugal gifts that they will actually use. By choosing gifts that are both useful and affordable, you can show your friends that you put thought into their present without breaking the bank. Plus, it takes off a lot of pressure on both parties. If you receive an expensive gift, you might feel obligated to do the same back for them. So next time you’re stuck on what to get your friends, remember that it’s the thought that counts—not the price tag.

There are plenty of reasons to gift your friends’ frugal gifts. For one, it shows that you care more about them than you do about spending a lot of money. It also proves that you’re willing to put thought into what they might actually need or want, instead of just buying something because it’s expensive. And lastly, it sets a good precedent for future gifts. After all, if you’re always giving your friends the most thoughtful and practical gifts, they’ll start to expect it from you—and that’s not a bad thing!

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So what are some frugal gift ideas that your friends will actually love? Here are a few of our favorites:

1. A hand-written note or card.

This is always a welcome surprise, and it doesn’t cost a thing! Just take a few minutes to jot down your thoughts and well wishes for your friend. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and it’ll be sure to brighten their day.

Example: Pour your heart out on paper, sharing cherished memories or expressing gratitude. Consider adding a personal touch like a doodle or a small poem. If you want to make it even more special, reminisce about a particular moment you shared, reinforcing the sentimental value of the note. The effort put into handwriting and personalizing the message turns a simple card into a keepsake.

2. A small plant or succulent.

Plants make great gifts because they add a touch of life to any space—and they’re relatively inexpensive, too. If your friend is a plant lover, they’ll be sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift.

Example: Gift a succulent in a cute pot. It not only adds greenery to their space but also symbolizes growth and resilience. To enhance the gift, include a small care guide with quirky illustrations or fun facts about the succulent. You can also pair it with a personalized note explaining why you chose this particular plant for them, making the gift more thoughtful and meaningful.

3. A homemade treat.

Everyone loves a good homemade treat, whether it’s cookies, cake, homemade jam, or something else entirely. If you’re feeling crafty in the kitchen, whip up a batch of your friend’s favorite goodies and package them up nicely. They’ll be sure to enjoy them!

Example: Bake a batch of their favorite cookies or craft a jar of homemade jam. Package it beautifully with a ribbon or in a decorative tin for an extra touch. Taking this idea a step further, consider creating a recipe card with the instructions for the homemade treat. Attach a heartfelt note sharing why you picked this recipe and the joy you hope it brings them. It’s a gift that not only satisfies the taste buds but also shares a piece of your kitchen creativity.

4. A coffee mug or tea cup.

If your friend is a coffee or tea lover, they’ll appreciate a nice new mug or cup to add to their collection. You can find mugs and cups at any local store, or even order them online. You can also design them with a picture of you and your friend, or you can make it a small package and you add some instant coffee packs or their favorite tea bags.

Example: Customize a mug with a memorable photo or an inside joke. Include a few instant coffee packs or their preferred tea bags for a complete and thoughtful gift. To make it more personal, reminisce about the moment captured in the photo or the story behind the inside joke. You can also include a small booklet of quotes or messages related to the theme of the photo, adding depth and sentiment to the gift.

5. A gift card.

If you’re not sure what to get your friend, a gift card is always a great option. That way, they can choose whatever they want! Just make sure to pick a place that they’ll actually shop at.

These are just a few ideas for frugal gifts that your friends will actually love. So next time you’re stuck on what to get them, keep these in mind!

Example: Choose a gift card from their favorite store or restaurant. It allows them the flexibility to pick something they truly desire. Enhance this idea by presenting the gift card in a creative way, such as placing it in a small themed gift box or attaching it to a handmade card. Share a brief note expressing why you chose that particular store or restaurant, connecting the gift to their interests and preferences.

6. A basket filled with your friends’ favorite snacks.

If you know your friend a little bit, you know what he or she loves snacking on. Get their favorite chips, chocolate, candy, and drinks, and bundle them together in a cute basket and wrap it.

Example: Create a personalized snack basket with their favorite chips, chocolates, candies, and drinks. Wrap it up in colorful cellophane for a visually appealing gift. To add a personal touch, include a list of the snacks with short notes explaining why each item made it into the basket. You can also attach a fun and playful rhyme or poem, turning the snack basket into a delightful and entertaining experience.

7. Tickets to a free museum or attraction in your city.

There are lots of musea that have free days or offer discounts to students or the military. You can also look on websites like Groupon, to find the best deals on attractions in your area.

Example: Provide an experience by gifting tickets to a free museum day or taking advantage of discounts. It’s a thoughtful way to spend quality time together. To make the gift more engaging, create a mini itinerary or scavenger hunt related to the museum or attraction. Include a note with details about why you chose this particular experience, emphasizing the joy of creating lasting memories together.

8. A gift certificate for a day of pampering, like a mani/pedi, massage, or facial.

If you have a friend that values self-care, or simply could use a break for some pampering, and you are willing to spend a little extra money, surprise them with a gift certificate to get pampered. This is such a thoughtful gift that says ”I care about you and here is some time off to go pamper yourself”. You can also offer to join them and make it a special day together.

Example: Treat your friend to a day of relaxation with a gift certificate for a mani/pedi, massage, or facial. Consider joining them for a pampering day to make it even more special. To elevate this gift, include a small pampering kit with items like scented candles, bath salts, or a cozy blanket. Attach a note expressing your desire for them to indulge in self-care and enjoy the tranquility of the pampering experience.

7 thoughts on “You should get your friends frugal gifts, instead of expensive store-bought gifts. And here is why…!”

  • I couldn’t agree with this post more. My friends and I all have a frugal gift policy for birthdays and Christmas for all of these reasons.

  • There is much truth in the saying ‘it’s the thought that matters!’ Some lovely ideas here to show appreciation for our friends with thoughtful and affordable gifts.

  • These are such creative and thoughtful gift ideas! I just gave away succulents as gifts yesterday and they were a hit! I will also consider hand written notes in the future! 💕

  • Yes!!! Giving frugal gifts is a great way to show your friends that you care about them without spending too much money. It’s true that it’s the thought that counts and choosing gifts that are both affordable and useful can leave a long-lasting impression on your friends. Among all the frugal gift ideas, I find hand-written notes or cards to be the simplest yet most meaningful gesture. Who doesn’t appreciate a homemade treat or a personalised coffee mug? Such gifts are not just thoughtful but also show that you’ve put in some effort. If you’re unsure what to give your friend, a gift card or a basket filled with their favourite snacks is always a safe option.

  • It’s not about how expensive, I know some friends gave their friends really expensive gifts and it is not as valuable as the ones with true meaning and passion. More love in the gift makes a big difference.

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