101 Staycation Ideas for Families with Kids Under 10

101 Staycation Ideas for Families with Kids Under 10

Hello, fellow frugal mompreneurs! As much as we all love a grand vacation, sometimes our wallets need a break, and that’s where the magic of staycations comes in. Staycations are not only budget-friendly but also offer a wonderful opportunity to bond with our little ones without the stress of travel. Here’s a comprehensive guide with 101 staycation ideas that will keep your kids under 10 entertained and create lasting memories without breaking the bank.

Why Staycations Are a Great Choice

Saving Money

One of the biggest advantages of a staycation is the cost savings. You eliminate the expenses of flights, hotels, and dining out. This allows you to allocate funds towards fun activities and experiences at home or in your local area.

Quality Family Time

Staycations offer a chance to spend uninterrupted quality time with your family. Without the distractions of travel, you can focus on engaging activities that everyone enjoys. It’s an excellent way to strengthen family bonds and create meaningful memories.

Exploring Local Gems

Often, we overlook the hidden treasures in our own backyard. A staycation gives you the chance to discover local parks, museums, and attractions that you might not have explored before. It’s a great way to appreciate your community and find new favorite spots.

Importance of Taking Breaks

Even if money is tight, it’s crucial to enjoy ourselves and take breaks with our family. Staycations allow us to step out of the daily grind, relax, and recharge. They remind us that we don’t need to spend a lot to have fun and create beautiful memories with our loved ones. Taking these small breaks is essential for our mental and emotional well-being, helping us to return to our routines with renewed energy and a positive outlook.

Tips for Budgeting and Saving Money on Staycations

Plan Ahead

Outline your staycation activities in advance to manage your budget effectively. By planning your activities, you can avoid last-minute expenses and ensure that you have all the necessary supplies. Create a schedule that includes a mix of free and low-cost activities to keep your budget in check.

Use What You Have

Utilize resources you already have at home for activities and crafts. Get creative with items around the house—old sheets can become tents for a backyard camping night, and kitchen utensils can be transformed into musical instruments. This not only saves money but also sparks creativity and resourcefulness in your kids.

Look for Free Events

Check community boards and websites for free local events and activities. Many communities offer free concerts, outdoor movies, festivals, and workshops. These events are a great way to have fun without spending a dime, and they often provide unique experiences that your family will enjoy.

DIY Activities

Create your own fun with do-it-yourself projects, games, and crafts. There are countless DIY ideas available online, from making homemade slime to building birdhouses. These activities are not only cost-effective but also provide a sense of accomplishment and pride for both you and your kids.

Pack Snacks and Meals

Prepare and pack your own meals for outings to save on dining expenses. Whether you’re heading to a local park or a beach, bringing your own food can significantly cut down costs. Get your kids involved in the preparation process—it can be a fun activity in itself, and they’ll be excited to eat the snacks they helped make.

Set a Daily Budget

Allocate a specific amount for each day of your staycation to avoid overspending. By setting a daily budget, you can keep track of your expenses and ensure that you stay within your financial limits. This helps to prevent any unexpected costs from derailing your staycation plans.

Use Coupons and Discounts

Look for coupons and discounts for local attractions and stores. Many attractions offer discounted rates for local residents or have special deals during off-peak times. Additionally, sites like Groupon often have deals on activities, dining, and entertainment that can help you save money while still having a great time.

101 Staycation Ideas

Outdoor Adventures

  1. Backyard Camping: Set up a tent, make s’mores, and tell stories under the stars.
  2. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items for your kids to find in your backyard or a nearby park.
  3. Garden Picnic: Lay out a blanket and enjoy a homemade picnic in your garden.
  4. Bird Watching: Grab some binoculars and see how many different birds you can spot.
  5. Water Balloon Fight: Cool off with a fun and exciting water balloon battle.
  6. Obstacle Course: Create a fun and challenging obstacle course using household items.
  7. Backyard Olympics: Organize mini-sporting events and compete for homemade medals.
  8. Nature Walks: Explore local trails and teach your kids about different plants and animals.
  9. Outdoor Movie Night: Use a projector to watch movies under the stars.
  10. Star Gazing: Identify constellations and enjoy the night sky with your little astronomers.

Creative and Crafty

  1. Art Day: Set up an outdoor art studio with paints, brushes, and canvases.
  2. DIY Birdhouses: Build and decorate birdhouses together.
  3. Sidewalk Chalk Art: Create colorful masterpieces on your driveway or sidewalk.
  4. Homemade Playdough: Make and mold your own playdough creations.
  5. Family Scrapbook: Gather photos and mementos to create a family scrapbook.
  6. Tie-Dye T-Shirts: Get creative with tie-dye and make matching family shirts.
  7. Pottery Painting: Paint and personalize pottery pieces.
  8. Craft Kits: Purchase craft kits for a variety of fun projects.
  9. DIY Jewelry: Make bracelets and necklaces with beads and string.
  10. Puppet Show: Create puppets and put on a family puppet show.

Indoor Fun

  1. Board Game Marathon: Have a day dedicated to playing your favorite board games.
  2. Pajama Day: Stay in your PJs all day, watch movies, and have a relaxing time.
  3. Indoor Treasure Hunt: Hide clues and treasures around the house for your kids to find.
  4. Baking Day: Bake cookies, cupcakes, or a cake and let the kids decorate.
  5. Home Spa Day: Treat yourselves to facials, manicures, and pedicures.
  6. Reading Fort: Build a cozy fort and read books together.
  7. Dance Party: Turn up the music and dance around the living room.
  8. DIY Pizza Night: Make homemade pizzas with your favorite toppings.
  9. Science Experiments: Conduct fun and educational science experiments at home.
  10. Puzzle Challenge: Work on a big puzzle together.

Learning and Exploring

  1. Virtual Museum Tours: Explore museums around the world online.
  2. Cultural Day: Learn about a different country and cook traditional dishes.
  3. Nature Journals: Create journals to document outdoor discoveries.
  4. Cooking Classes: Teach your kids to cook simple meals.
  5. History Day: Learn about local history and visit nearby historical sites.
  6. Zoo Day: Visit a local zoo or watch live animal cams from zoos around the world.
  7. Aquarium Adventure: Explore a local aquarium or virtual tours of famous ones.
  8. Library Visit: Spend a day at the library picking out new books.
  9. Gardening: Plant flowers or vegetables and watch them grow.
  10. DIY Science Kits: Use kits to learn about chemistry, physics, or biology.

Family Games and Challenges

  1. Minute to Win It Games: Have fun with quick and silly challenges.
  2. Family Talent Show: Showcase your family’s unique talents.
  3. Charades: Play a lively game of charades.
  4. Family Bingo: Create personalized bingo cards and play together.
  5. Hide and Seek: A classic game that never gets old.
  6. Storytelling Contest: Take turns telling imaginative stories.
  7. Karaoke Night: Sing your favorite songs together.
  8. Balloon Volleyball: Play volleyball with a balloon.
  9. Lego Building Contest: See who can build the most creative structure.
  10. Family Feud: Create your own version of the game show.

Themed Days

  1. Superhero Day: Dress up as superheroes and save the day.
  2. Pirate Adventure: Have a treasure hunt and speak like pirates.
  3. Dinosaur Day: Learn about dinosaurs and have a dino-themed party.
  4. Space Exploration: Make rockets and learn about the planets.
  5. Wild West Day: Dress up as cowboys and cowgirls and have a rodeo.
  6. Fairy Tale Day: Read fairy tales and act them out.
  7. Under the Sea: Learn about ocean creatures and have a beach day at home.
  8. Science Fiction Day: Watch sci-fi movies and create alien costumes.
  9. Jungle Safari: Set up a jungle-themed adventure in your backyard.
  10. Medieval Times: Build castles and have a knight’s tournament.

Local Adventures

  1. Park Hopping: Visit different parks in your area.
  2. Beach Day: Spend a day at the nearest beach or lake.
  3. Farm Visit: Visit a local farm and learn about the animals.
  4. Botanical Gardens: Explore beautiful gardens and learn about plants.
  5. Fishing Trip: Go fishing at a nearby pond or lake.
  6. Mini Golf: Play a round of mini golf at a local course.
  7. Bike Rides: Take family bike rides on local trails.
  8. Roller Skating: Visit a roller rink or skate in a park.
  9. Horseback Riding: Find a local stable that offers riding lessons.
  10. City Tour: Act like tourists and explore your city’s attractions.

Relaxation and Bonding

  1. Yoga Sessions: Do family yoga together.
  2. Meditation: Teach your kids simple meditation techniques.
  3. Gratitude Journals: Write down things you’re thankful for.
  4. Bubble Bath: Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.
  5. Nature Sounds: Listen to calming nature sounds together.
  6. Cloud Watching: Lie down and find shapes in the clouds.
  7. Family Massages: Give each other gentle massages.
  8. Picture Album: Look through old photo albums and reminisce.
  9. Goal Setting: Set family goals and create vision boards.
  10. Family Conversations: Have deep, meaningful conversations about life and dreams.
  11. Family Photoshoot: Have a themed photoshoot at home.

Adventure and Imagination

  1. Spy Training: Create a spy training course with fun missions.
  2. Magic Show: Learn and perform magic tricks.
  3. Time Travel Day: Pretend to travel to different historical periods.
  4. Robot Building: Build simple robots with household items.
  5. Mini Carnival: Set up carnival games and activities in your yard.
  6. Survivor Challenges: Have fun survival challenges in the backyard.
  7. Escape Room: Create an escape room experience at home.
  8. Detective Day: Solve mysteries and play detective.
  9. Junk Art: Use recycled materials to create art.
  10. Treasure Map: Draw a treasure map and go on an adventure.

Seasonal Fun

  1. Spring Planting: Plant flowers and watch them bloom.
  2. Summer Splash: Set up a sprinkler or small pool.
  3. Autumn Leaves: Jump in piles of leaves and make leaf crafts.
  4. Winter Wonderland: Have a snowball fight or build a snowman.
  5. Holiday Crafts: Make decorations for different holidays.
  6. Seasonal Foods: Cook and bake seasonal recipes.
  7. Seasonal Scavenger Hunt: Find items related to the current season.
  8. Holiday Traditions: Create and celebrate family traditions.
  9. Seasonal Festivals: Attend local seasonal festivals or create your own.
  10. Seasonal Reading: Read books related to the current season.


Staycations are a fantastic way to create cherished memories without the financial strain of traditional vacations. With a bit of creativity and planning, you can turn any ordinary day into an extraordinary adventure. So, gather your family, pick a few ideas from this list, and get ready for a fun-filled staycation. Remember, the best part of any vacation, whether near or far, is the time spent together. Enjoy every moment and cherish the memories you make!

Happy staycationing, frugal mompreneurs!

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