10 printable activities for kids – how to keep your kids occupied, while working from home, without spending extra money.

10 printable activities for kids – how to keep your kids occupied, while working from home, without spending extra money.

Are you a work-at-home mom with young kids? Are your kids coming to you every minute to ask if you can play with them? Or if you can hang out with them, while you are just trying to get some work done? I totally get it. Working from home with young kids around is HARD! Do they ever leave you alone?

Here are 10 printable activities for your kids

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Today I am sharing some activities for kids that you can easily print out and that will keep them occupied for hours (hopefully). From one mom to another: I hope you can get some work done! Being a mom is the hardest job ever. Let alone being a working-from-home-mom! Regardless of your situation, all moms need a break every now and then. Whether it’s to get some work done or eat your fancy chocolate in secret in the bathroom, THAT IS ACTUALLY LOCKED FOR ONCE!

Planet Coloring Pages

These coloring pages will keep your child creatively occupied while learning about the planets. Make sure you download and print these by clicking the button below.

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Nature Color Wheel Activity

Do your kids love going outside and exploring nature? I think this is such a fun activity to let your kids get creative. With this activity, they will not only be occupied for hours, but they also learn while exploring. This free activity will give you the opportunity to get some time to yourself, while your kids go outside and use their imagination!

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Printable Mask Template for Kids

Do your kids like to play make-believe? Print out these adorable masquerade masks for your kiddos, so they can decorate them and then play for hours, without interrupting mom. And once you’re done with work, you can hear all about their make-believe stories.

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A-Z Challenge Games

With this fun activity, you can put your kids’ brains to work. Give them any topic and let them come up with words related to that topic. This is such a fun game, that you might actually want to play with them and skip your work for today. I actually love this game myself!

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Also make sure to check out these other fun kids activities. You can download the content today, save them on your computer and print as needed!

Spring Activity Sheets and Coloring Pages

Free Printable Coloring Pages – Alphabet Learning With Objects

Dot Pages for Dot Markers {5 super fun dot marker art pages}

Disney Word Scramble With 8 Page Printable Pack

Love Clips: The Easy Way To Brighten Someone’s Day

FREE Pirate Coloring Pages & Activities (Perfect For Pirate Kids Party!)

Here is a little tip from me: go to these pages now, download all the files, save them on your computer and pull them up and print them when you are actually in need. Your future self will thank you.

Now, of course, I am super curious to find out which activities your kids liked the best, and for how long your kids were entertained. And if you actually got some work done!? Let me know in the comments below!

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