6 tips on how to save money on your groceries

6 tips on how to save money on your groceries

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Ever since I moved to the United States, I noticed that groceries are very expensive compared to the Netherlands, where I’m originally from. I had a hard time accepting that we easily paid $1,000+ a month on groceries and eating out. And now all prices are even rising with inflation, it is absolutely ridiculous! Having mouths to feed can be a stressful thing at times, so today I am sharing tips with you on how you can save money on doing groceries. Make sure to read them and let me know how it goes for you!

Today, I will be sharing 6 tips with you on how to save money on your groceries.

Get Cash Back Apps

There are a ton of great apps that offer cash back when you purchase things like groceries or gas. I personally really love Fetch and Ibotta. Ibotta has a built-in feature where you connect some of your accounts and they will automatically give you money back for all eligible purchases you’ve made. I like them because you can also see certain deals they may have at your local store. Check out these two apps and sign up today!


I recommend using the app called Supercook. This app will help you find all kinds of recipes based on the ingredients you already have at home. So for instance, I always have things at home like flour, sugar, eggs, milk, some canned vegetables, etc. You can enter all the ingredients that you have at home, like in your freezer, pantry, and fridge, and this app will show you a combination of recipes that you can create with the ingredients you already have. It also shows recipes for the majority of ingredients you already have, and which ingredients you still need to get from the store to be able to make that recipe. It’s a good tool to help when you create a meal plan. This leads me to the second tip on how to save money on your groceries.

Meal planning 

What I typically like to do is create a list of meals for the whole month. I don’t cook on Sundays and I try to eat leftovers. So I typically have 5-6 recipes a week that I will be cooking. I have an app on my iPad called GoodNotes. I write down all the days of the month on each line, and I start writing down some of our favorite recipes. I also like to find at least one new recipe for each week that I find online. This creates variety and we get to try new things. Once I have written all these down, I like to switch things around, so have a good variety each week. I like to make sure that we eat chicken one day, beef the other day, fish another day, etcetera.

Then I use the app called Whisk to connect all the online recipes in a weekly meal plan in Whisk. Whisk is an app that allows for easy dragging and dropping of meal plans and it creates simple formats of the recipes you found online. Per meal, you can see the ingredients list and instructions without the whole story around it.

I divide my monthly meal plan into weeks because I only do groceries once a week. Now that I have divided my monthly meal plan into weeks, I go over each recipe for that week and add all the ingredients that I still need into an app called Bring shopping list. Then I like to double-check and see if everything that I have on my shopping list is not something I already have at home. This will avoid duplicates of ingredients. 

Freeze your meals 

My next tip is to save meals in the freezer. So sometimes I have leftovers from a meal. I have purchased these plastic food storage containers with separate sections. I put the meal away divided them into different sections and then I put them in the freezer after each meal. At the end of the week. I like to pull out all the freezer meals that I have saved from that week and everyone gets to pick their favorite meal from that week to eat on that day. We just simply warm it up and enjoy dinner together.

Repurpose ingredients from previous meals

Another tip is to repurpose ingredients from a previous meal. For instance, sometimes I like to buy a pork shoulder and prepare it in a slow cooker and use it for different meals. Like tacos one day, quesadillas another day, and loaded chips the last day. There are many different variations that you can do with all kinds of food. We eat a lot of rice and I like to save leftover cooked rice in a Ziploc in the freezer. And then when I’ve saved enough I use that to make a simple fried rice meal. Just try and think of different ways of how you can use a whole chicken, a pork shoulder, rice, or other things.


Another tip that I love, but will get into detail in a different post, is couponing. I like couponing specifically for toiletries. There are many websites dedicated to teaching you how to coupon and what deals can be found at what stores and at what times. When a great deal is going on I stock up on things like shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and many other things that you’ll often find a great coupon deal on. If you are not an expert on how to find the greatest deals with couponing, I at least encourage you to check the weekly ads of your favorite stores and look on websites like coupon.com to see if they happen to have a coupon for the products you were planning on buying that week. Don’t just get items because there is a coupon available for them.

I hope you found these tips helpful. They have worked well for me, and I am confident they can work for you too! Remember to take your time when grocery shopping, plan ahead by creating a meal plan, buy what you know you will eat and don’t forget to submit the receipts to the apps. These small changes can make a big difference in the amount of money you save each month – not to mention the amount of food that ends up in the trash. Have you tried any of these steps already? Let me know how it went!

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