25+ easy ways to create an environmentally friendly lifestyle

25+ easy ways to create an environmentally friendly lifestyle

The environment is a very important part of our lives. We should be more environmentally friendly and sustainable to make sure that the planet is healthy for future generations.

There are many reasons why we should be eco-friendlier and more sustainable. For example, it helps us to save money on our electricity bills, it helps us to reduce our carbon footprint, and it can help us to live a healthier life. Here are some ways how you can help create a more sustainable lifestyle and help the environment.

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Skip the car.
Change your routine and commit to not using your car for at least two days a week. You can take public transit, use bikes, or take turns carpooling with a co-worker.

Use reusable grocery bags
Use reusable grocery bags at the grocery store. Leave them in your car so you will not forget your bags when you arrive at the grocery store.

Use reusable water bottles
Bring your own reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water at the store! It’s way cheaper, better for the environment, and no hassle for you.

Buy foods that are produced in a sustainable way
Purchase organic or fair-trade produce where possible, locally grown or raised where affordable, and always buy produce in season. Buying in season will not only be more sustainable, but also more affordable.

Get rid of clutter
Getting rid of your clutter includes clothes, shoes, and old electronics (cell phones or laptops, furniture that has broken down beyond repair; and old furniture that is either too large for the space or out of style. You can donate furniture that is still usable to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a Buy Nothing Group on Facebook.

Pack your lunch and snacks
Pack your lunch and snacks when you go on your errands, so you are less likely to buy food when outside, like in a drive-through or at a gas station.

Stick to your grocery list
Buy only what you need instead of buying extras because you think it’s cheaper. Prepare a grocery list when you do groceries and stick to it. Only get the groceries that you need.

Buy second-hand items
Buy second-hand clothes, furniture, tools, and other items, instead of new ones. At thrift stores, you can literally find ANYTHING. You might surprise yourself.

Bake and cook from scratch.
You can make your own bread, cookies, and soup broths for way less money, than buying it prepacked from the store. Plus, it tastes way better anyway!

Make your own clothes.
You can take a few sewing courses from a local craft store and learn how to make your own clothes. Plus, it is cool to wear clothes that you made, knowing you are wearing something unique that no one else has.

Make your own cleaning supplies.
There are so many cleaning supplies that are full of chemicals. You can easily make your own cleaning supplies that clean well, is much better for the environment and you will also save money!

Conserve water.
Conserve water by only using the amount you need to do what needs to be done instead of pouring it down the sink. Don’t pour a full glass, or open a bottle of water, if they typically end up being wasted.

Don’t waste resources
Don’t waste resources by throwing out expired items that still have value. Not everything goes bad immediately after the expiration date.

Stop using plastic straws.
Stop using plastic straws, straws suck! Especially when they end up in our oceans or landfills and harm marine life or animals that eat them. There are reusable straws or paper straws if you must have a disposable version.

Recycle your waste
Recycling your paper and plastics in your recycling bins. You can get a trash can with two sections, so it makes separating your waste easier. Or you can put a bin next to your trash can and throw your paper and plastics in there.

Turn off your lights
Make it a habit to turn off all lights when you leave a room. Or to turn them on only when really needed. Keep your curtains open for as long as possible to use daylight.

Use rechargeable batteries
Use rechargeable batteries rather than throw out your old ones.

Choose a more ecologically conscious option for cleaning products
You can choose eco-friendly cleaning supplies such as natural cleaners that are not toxic to the environment and animals.

Shop in bulk at plastic-free stores
There are special grocery stores dedicated to ditching plastic. You can bring your own glass containers and purchase exactly what you need and how much you need.

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Ditch plastic items
Use glass jars or bamboo containers to put your food away. Your food will last longer. You can also replace your toothbrushes and replace them with sustainable bamboo toothbrushes.

Reduce food waste
This is such an easy thing to do. Just plan your grocery list better in advance and take leftovers home from your favorite restaurant with you! And do go shopping when you are hungry!

Cut down your meat intake.
Or even consider becoming a vegetarian or vegan! This is environmentally friendly and better for your wallet.

Use cloth diapers
If you have babies in diapers, consider using cloth diapers. Another way to both be environmentally friendly and save extra money. Plus, they have really cute patterns and prints.

Rent or buy e-books or audiobooks.
If you love reading books, like me, consider renting or buying audiobooks or e-books. This will save the trees, plus you will always have digital access to your files.

·Save your veggie scraps
I keep a reusable Ziplock bag in my freezer and I add all the onion, carrot, garlic and celery ends to it. Once the bag is full, I make a broth and freeze it.

Use shampoo and soap bars
Instead of using shampoo and soap from a bottle, buy bars. They last long and are free of plastic packaging.

Harvest your own vegetables and herbs.
Grow your own herbs and vegetables. You can do this both indoors and outdoors. There are also lots of ways to regrow your vegetables like lettuce, scallions, and Bok choy in a glass of water that you can keep in your kitchen.

I hope this list gave you great ideas on how you can help the environment and create a more sustainable lifestyle. If you have any questions, or ideas to add, feel free to comment in the comment box below. I would love to hear what you have done, or what you are planning on doing to help make the world a better place.

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